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About Us

This is about the start of our adventure. It's back to 2010 when the world knew nothing about cryptocurrency. We were young and full of energy to create something new for world, something that could make change to our world, we believed in Bitcoin and we still. We start a little bank for our community to send and recieve easier, faster and without any hesitate of biggers players. Our community is multi cultural and our friends are from different countries , we needed to act fast to send and recive money to win our trades. BitMoneyBack born at that time and helped us to solve this problem. So we decide to expand our community and we start to promote it and we will welcome anybody from any country. We hope to serve everybody a good service and make this community bigger.


What We Offer

We offer micropayment & investing plans to anybody who want to be part of crypto world. We tried to create simple platform to be useful for everybody.


Send & Recieve cryptocurrencies easily , we have no fee for deposits and we have the lowest fees for withdraws.

Earn interest for saving

Create a saving account for how many days you want and earn 10% APY . There is no hidden fee, you will recieve your profit.


Earn Cash Back on each transfer you make on our platform. Send any amount to other members and you will be reward with Cash Back. Sell or Exchange it at anytime you want.

API & Gateway Service

Use our API service to integrade your site with our services. Add a simple code to your site and start to receive cryptos for your goods or services, there is no need to be a member for payer.

Latest News

These are our latest updtaes


It's easy to add payment button to any page of your site, it don't need any technical knowledge. If you how to code you can change it ( cause you know how it works ). Continue

How to use API service

Using API calls are very useful and handy for micro payments, it makes payments to many users at same time easier for those who need to pay their members. Even developers can integrate the API call for auto payments. You can find how to use API call here. Continue

How the cash back works?

This is what we had plan from the beginning. As the name of our site (BitMoneyBack), we waned to create a platform for our customers to receive cash back for using our service. Continue

Gateway V.2

We made a lot of changes to our Gateway from UI to new codes. Now we have a faster and easier gateway to use. Like before it's just start with below code, it will add a payment button to your page : Continue