Accept cryptocurrencies

Do you need a simple way to accept cryptocurrencies on your site or from your customers? You do not have a site to add a simple button for receiving cryptos, No problem ! With our platform you can accept or send cryptocurrencies in several ways such as manual invoice creating or API or even you can pay to all of you customers at same time with Pay to Many option.

Earn interest on Savings

You can use your crypto assets to earn interest. Open a Saving account for how many days you want and earn 10% APY interest on it.

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Use cryptocurrencies how you want

Deposit any amount you need with no fee or Withdrawl your cryptos easily with lowest fees.

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Cash Back

Earn Cash Back on each transfer you make on our platform. Send any amount to other members and you will be reward with Cash Back. Sell or Exchange it at anytime you want.

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