It's easy to add payment button to any page of your site, it don't need any technical knowledge. If you how to code you can change it ( cause you know how it works ). 

<form method='POST'  action='' >
     <input type='hidden' name='merchant_key' value='MERCHANT KEY' />
     <input type='hidden' name='success_url' value='//' />
     <input type='hidden' name='fail_url' value='//' />
     <input type='hidden' name='notify_url' value='//' />
     <input type='hidden' name='amount' value='10000' />
     <input type='submit' value='submit' />



1   Merchant key   Alphanumeric   Yes
2   Success url   URL   Yes
3   Fail url   URL   Yes
4   Notify url   URL   Yes
5   Amount   Numeric   Yes

If you need different amount for your invoices you can change the code (amount input) to:

<input type='text' name='amount'  />

You can use the default landing pages. They are simple and ready but if you need to have your own landing page you can set them in the form. The return link have some useful information for you to setting them up in your site. All of these are optional and you can use this button without changes.

If you need to send invoice number you can set it like this in action section of form:

if you do not send invoice number system will set invoice number same as referance number.

Success Return

You can use $_GET and you will have ref=Referance_number and inv=Invoice_number

Fail Return

You can use $_GET and you will have er=Error_code

Notify Return

You can use $_GET and you will have the same return values as Success but the difference between Notify and Success is that Notify is the return of Crypto Payments , and Success is for member payment it's because member payments can be approve at same time but crypto payments need to be confirmed by blockchain.

If you need any help, you can contact us.