This is what we had plan from the beginning. As the name of our site (BitMoneyBack), we waned to create a platform for our customers to receive cash back for using our service. 


How you can earn cash back?

Every body can earn cash back in our system. When ever you send money (transfer) to another user , you will receive 3% back. For example , you send 100 DOGE to another user or users with API service, direct transfer or pay to many , and if each doge worth of 0.25 $ then you will  earn : 

100 X 0.25 $ = 25 $ X 3% = 0.75 $

0.75 $ will be back to your account as BMBCash (bmbc) you can exchange , sell or even buy it in your Manage Asset section. This will be good for those who want to pay their customers through our service.